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. >> setting on your bills may be just a mouse click away, and toyota announces another recall. >> toyota has announced yet another recall involving support utility vehicles from 2003. toyota says they have no reports of accidents or injuries. owners will receive a software upgrade so they can fix the problem. the newly merged stanley black and decker has announced its first round of layoffs of 30 employees this week. last month, stanley bought black and decker in a four $0.50 billion deal. at the time, the companies said they expected 250 employees to be trimmed from maryland area. the nation's largest retailer is looking to slow its opening of supercenters and build smaller stores. a perfect example is in baltimore where walmart is planning to open a store in remington. some analysts believe the company is starting to run out of places to build supercenters. every dollar helps in this tough economy, whether you want to find a cheaper place to rent or cut down on their car payment. there are websites that can help you keep more of your dollars in your wallet. >> i was able to save $20,000. >
a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
a helicopter and walking tour of the widespread damage. >>> time is 4:38. more troubles for toyota. the new problem that has it pulling another vehicle out of the showroom. >>> a woman assaulted near a busy metro station. a man was able to attack her without anyone seeing. >> do you need your umbrella? we'll have your weather and traffic after this break. >>> and a good wednesday morning everybody. middle of the week is finally here. it's 4:41. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. yesterday had plenty of clouds and rain showers around. not a whole lot of rain, ended up between .1 and .25 inch. a little less out across northern virginia. temperatures this morning martinsburg in the 30s now, 36 in martinsburg, 34 hagerstown, 39 in fredricks and skies tried to clear out. as a result early this morning we have patchy dense fog to watch out for. temperatures will climb into the high 50s and low 60s with the return of sunshine by mid to late morning. jerry. >> chuck, hopefully the sunshine will wear off some of the fog. in some areas very dense. capital beltway off the wilson bridge had overnight
. detectives questioned him about the rescue and they're calling him a hero. >>> toyota is telling dealers to stop selling the new lexus gx460 for now after "consumer reports" said it is not safe. jennifer westhoven, what is the latest? >> thanks, natasha. the latest, toyota is going to temporarily stop selling this expensive suv that's been called a safety risk, asked dealers to stop selling the new 2010 lexus gx460 after "consumer reports" said don't buy it, afraid it wasn't safe enough to drive. the magazine rarely says don't buy about any kind of a car, hasn't done that in almost ten years but it was concerned. they took it through a lot of test drives and concerned on a tight turn like an exit ramp or on a turn and there was an obstacle and suddenly you had to brake there were concerns it was too likely to rollover. toyota and lexus are determined to identify and correct the issue that "consumer reports" identified." >> jennifer, thank you very much. >>> we've got brand new video of the little boy sent back to russia by his adoptive family in tennessee. the boy will celebrate his eigh
, you know, reinvent itself and re-gain public trust. most recently toyota, correct? we saw commercials on the air all over the place. i'm wondering what goldman will actually do to restore public trust in the company. >> you make a good point with the toyota comparison, too, and others have pointed out to me that america loves to find a corporate villain when there's something going wrong. high energy prices and oil companies were the villain. high drug prices and drug companies were the villain and maybe rightfully so, but we've moved on in some cases from those debates and now it is goldman sachs and wall street that is in the crosshairs. will we move on from this again or is senator carl levin and this committee and others including the sec going to get to the bottom of the behavior that may have led to the bubble and make some real changes? we're still in the thick of it. you remember the toyota ads, was there a bit of an apology to that and mistakes were made, but the acknowledgement that the company made mistake, we certainly remember that from toyota's lesson. >> and lloyd blank
the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the next couple of days, you'll read about how well montreal played in this series, and they did, and how great their goalie was. make no mistake, the capitals were the more talented team and let the 3-1 series lead get away, and it all and it tonight and a loss. this is all on washington. it downtown, in the first, no score, brooks laich muezzin, misses. halak in the zone. 41 saves. montreal on the power play, scott gomez, the slapper, 1-0 habs. in the third, the capitals, alex ovechkin, a good look, scores. hold on,hgoalie -- hold on, goalie interference. dominant more, bingo. two-zero canadiens. ovechkin sheets, misses, brooks laich jams in. there was a chance. in the final seconds, one must move by ovechkin, stripped, game, set, match. tee time here we come. the capitals were stunned. >> it feels like getting punched in the head. >> honestly, i don't know what to say. >> i would have bet my house they would not have be
. >> the military says a u.s. soldier was killed during the assault when a helicopter ended up crashing. >>> toyota agrees to pay a record fine, but its problems are not over. why the fallout from its sticking accelerator recall is only the beginning. >>> real estate developer donald trump is known for saying exactly what he thinks. so what does he think about the real estate market and the economy in general? poppy harlow said down to kind of pick his brain. i think we sometimes forget that he did make some money in real estate because we just think of him as a personality now. >> a lot of it. not just the one saying "you're fired" on the apprentice. we talked. it was a long talk about the economy, jobs, housing and the recovery. he spoke in depth that the fear of the fall of commercial real estate, office buildings, et cetera, could be worse than the decline of the housing market. he address that had and more. take a quick look. >> in terms of commercial real estate in general, the fear is that it will be worse than the housing fallout. do you think that's possible? >> i don't think
, breaking news on the consumer from steve liesman and smoking gun at toyota. e-mails sent in january warning the company it should come clean about its recall problem. all that still ahead as "squawk box" continues. >> announcer: as we head to the break, here's a look at the widely held stocks. "squawk box" on cnbc returns after this. we are first in business worldwide. >>> here's a disturbing story. a senior toyota executive tried to warn the automaker that it needed to "come clean" on a safety defect affecting accelerator pedals according to an e-mail sent back in january. phil lebeau joins us now with more. phil? >> it was sent from erv miller who retired from toyota shortly after the recall of defective pedals was sent out. it's one of 70,000 documents being looked at in washington and the damaging part of this e-mail from erv miller says that we have a tendency for mechanical failure in accelerator pedals of a certain manufacturer on certain models. we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. the time to hide on this is over. we need to come clean. i believe that jim lent
for them yesterday. investigators blame the crash on pilot error. >>> toyota's up scale lexus gx 460 has been given a don't-buy rating by consumer reports. it is said the vehicle traction control cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years consumer reports has issued that warning. toyota said they conducted similar tests and didn't find that problem and meets or exceeds all of the government federal testing. >>> coming up at 9:00 we'll talk with a representative from toyota and we'll see if they are able to offer insight into the latest issue for the automaker. >>> first lady michelle obama makes a surprise stop off in her first solo international trip. >>> and west virginia governor calling for an independent investigation into the deadly mine explosion. >>> and coming up next, the district looking to raise parking fees and fines to raise much-needed revenue for the city. officials say it's to help encourage good driving but triple-a said it's unfair. lon anderson from triple-a atlantic will join us to explain that view. time now 7:11. it's 45 degrees. 
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, including toyota claims the increased costs will have to be absorbed by them. >> one of our edicts is to make sure that we stay inexpensive, or at least something our customers can afford. >> reporter: efficiency and economy. a concept bothar makers -- both car makers makers and car buyers are looking for. >>> and oil prices have been stuck in the $70 to $85 a barrel range for month. and those are expected to get higher as the summer gets closer. >>> it was a great day to get outside, all around maryland today. perfect time to break out the short sleeves in ellicott city. that's downtown ellicott city. and an equally beautiful city in downtown. wjz has your updated first warning weather. meteorologist tim williams joins us now in the weather center with the latest. >> the grass at paterson park looks to be like the grass vmplet people floating under this very, very warm air now. we're looking at temperatures around 70 degrees. coming down from a daytime high. we did get to a final of 73. we're at 70. 39% relative humidity. with a southeasterly wind at 9 miles per hour. at 30.03. an
that day police finds her toyota on fire just a few miles away. no signs of the 46-year-old, they put out a description and began a missing persons search. just a few weeks later and just a few miles away in this wooded area in owe ignition the discovery of a body. the body police found was so badly decomposed, police couldn't prove it was the body but now they say thanks to dna testing, they're sure it was her. >> wondering why she would have been killed and somebody would is set her vehicle on fire. >> police say shortly after she left her house to get the cigarettes, her red card was used at this eatery. >> we're thinking maybe somebody there that night could have seen her, most interested in is if someone may have accosted her right there at the restaurant. >> an autopsy proves nina was murdered but police won't say how. police will say that nina's husband who does not speak any english has been positively ruled out as a suspect in his wife's death. he has since returned to the couple's home country of russia. >> thank you. police say anyone with information on the case can earn a rew
: check it out. if you thought the negative news surrounding toyota would hurt the company, guess again, u.s. auto sales surged 40 percent in the month of march, powered by some of the deepest discounts ever in the wake of millions of recalls, a lot of financing for five years, free. toyota execs saying some of the incentives will continue, including what i mentioned, zero percent financing, and an offer of free maintenance for return toyota customers. the buy-in is good, huh? martha: wasn't expecting that, right? >>> one of the big questions on the peoples' minds, is the economy, is it getting better really? here's what we know, 439,000 new jobless claims this week, that's the number we follow every week, that one dropped by 6000. that's a good thing, it's been dropping in fact for several weeks by small increments. but the question today, how does this set us up for a very big number the white house is going to watch closely, wall street is going to watch closely, the all-important jobs report. meanwhile, overall, 11.1 million people have filed unemployment claims in this country. that i
's causing all of this? >> it really is if you're ready to buy a car, do it the right way. we know toyota in the past didn't have to offer incentives. they had the best-selling model car eight of the past ten years. people were buying toyotas even without the incentives. but because of course all the recalls, the bad publicity, sales dipped tremendously low and they were forced to offer incentives and they're pretty big, on average over $2,200 per war. they have taken their market share up 41%. they almost doubled their sales in march from february. and these incentives are totally fueling this. now, the other automakers are seeing this. they're losing some market share. they know they have to keep up. it's like if you have a gas station a half-mile down the road and you own the other gas station, if he cults his price by ten cents, you have to follow. it's really kind of -- it drags actually the whole industry down in terms of incentives. there's a lot of peer pressure here and fighting for everyone's dollars. >> do you have some examples of what different carmakers are offering? >> this
. toyota brake troubles, aggressive incentives helped drive consumers to show rooms. and price wars between general motors andoyota paid off. g.m.'s core brand, buick, cadillac, chevy, gmc, saw nearly a 38% increase in sales. toyota sales jumped 35%. the company is speeding to rebuild trust and confidence following a massive recall for gas, pedal and brake problems and rolled out strong incentives to win customers. >> consumers are very smart, savvy. listen, circumstances are such. here is my maim and number. i want a toyota and willome in and buy it. when they announced the program, come on in. that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: ford sales increased nearly 35%. but the company did not compete in the incentives war. instead ford decreed the boost to strong demand for fusion and taurus brands. >> ford continues to be red hot. ford accrued a goodwill momentum by not going bruptd and american consumer or brand that normally would have taken billions of decades to build up. >> reporter: all positive signals that the struggling auto industry bogged down a year ago by flat-line sales and
. if those companies go broke, they will stop buying u.s. products. >>> toyota has announced yet another recall. this time it's about 50,000sequoia sport utility vehicles. the vehicles slow down unexpectedly. the automaker says there could be a problem with the stability control system. >>> it's do or die for the capitals tonight. they drop the puck in less than an hour. >> this could have been over five days ago. the caps could have been home resting, getting ready for the flyers. but they got careless, so now their backs are against the wall. we'll get you ready for game 7 tonight against the canadiens. can alex ovechkin and company fend off elimination. their thoughts, coming up. >>> continuing the ice theme here. we run the risk of frost tonight. the wind really whipping around the pollen. go to our website, you can access. high for trees. low for grasses, weeds, and mold. >>> a car dangles several stories up. we'll give you the full story in just two minutes. >>> checking news now across the nation, in houston, texas, 40 prep schools were hurt after their school bus collided with tw
into high gear. u.s. car sales jumped 24% in march. the best showing since august of last year. toyota saw a 41% surge after offering steep discounts to win back customers. that sparked an incentive war among rival dealers leading to double digit gains for ford and gm. chrysler saw sales fall 8%. still the promising trends could have a ripple effect on other industries like this los angeles production company. they just worked on a new ad for jeep that employed 120 people. >> there were a lot of people who literally came up to me at the end of that shoot and said thank god for jeep, thank god for that job, because i hadn't worked in two months. >> reporter: the hope now is the auto industry's recent boost will mean a similar rebound for the rest of the country. and construction manufacturing and retail payrolls that were hit hard by snowstorms last month will see gains, as well. bianca, back to you. >> tara mergener, thank you. >>> and department of homeland security is announcing new security rules for air travelers coming into the united states. after the christmas day bombing attempt ne
. >> the robbers drove off in a red toyota camry. investigators are talking to other witnesses who saw them. >>> today is distracted driver awareness day in virginia. it's a day to remind you not to text while driving and to use a hands-free device. that was the message yesterday at union station with students vowing never to text behind the wheel. >> i think it was really encouraging because i'm about to start driving. i get my permit on may 30th and when i start to drive i'm going to put my phone down. >> one of my friends actually, he was texting me and almost got in to the opposite lane. so it was scary. >> reporter: friday is no phone day in the district along with dozens of other states and cities nationwide. >>> for more information on the great hangup, go to we have special page set up for that. look under the extras tab. >>> it is now official, mei xiang the panda at the national zoo is not pregnant. officials say they have conducted an ultrasound and hormone analysis to make that determination. however, experts at the zoo say the panda was experiencing a false pregnancy
buried the lead, because there's big news about toyota. >> the toyota news, this is an estimate. it's estimated that their sales went up 37 percent year over year. megyn: how can that be? >> i think that's a great question. you know, they had all these impairments, right? bad publicity, having to recall cars. guess what, toyota customers are loyal, what's more, they're getting a lot of incentive money to buy. there have been fantastic deals in the marketplace consumers turn on to, whether it's zero percent financing, money back offers, you name it, it's out there. as one analyst put it to they, maybe it's not the best deal in the world but the consumers hear it and they think it is so they make buying decisions anyway. megyn: well, that's good news for toyota at least, gerry willis, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. megyn: new reaction coming in from conservative author karl rove, fox news contributor, about the run-in with the ladies in pink. you may have seen the confrontation at a rove book signing in california, hecklers from the left wing antiwar group code pink was armed wi
surged last month led by toyota, the embattled automaker's sales soared 41% thanks to its most generous incentives ever. overall sales were the highest since cash for clunkers. ford up 40%, gm rose 22% but chrysler slipped 8%. >>> quiet overseas stock markets. tokyo's nikkei average gained nearly 0.4% today, however, markets are closed in hong kong and also in london. wall street will be closed today, awell. however, the dow did gain 70 points yesterday and the nasdaq added almost 5 points. >>> well, the wait is almost over. the ipad finally goes on sale tomorrow morning at 9:00 and if you're hoping to get your hands on one you may want to get in line early. at least one analyst expects them to be sold out by the afternoon. the early reviews are certainly adding to the growing frenzy, though. >> it might replace your kindle. it might replace your portable game machine and it might replace your laptop. the company has lived up tomost of the hype. >> i think we're going to have something replace with what we do with computers and the ipad really given apple's track record has as good a sh
story when we come back. [ male announcer ] at toyota, we're committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable cars. that's why we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. and we've also made our comprehensive star safety system standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪ >> new clashes today in the middle east and some questions if they have the potential to side track the push for peace talks. this is the special u.s.-mideast envoy prepares for a return to the region next week. and meanwhile palestinian president abbas has accepted an invitation to head to the white house. let's head back to the protests, police protecting the israeli protesters as they march through the streets and filled with angry palestinians. rina ninen was in the middle of all of this. she has more from jerusalem. >> hi, harris, the protest haves been expected for weeks. right wing demonstrators took to the streets, provoking palestinians for bu
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of a two- year study. >>> as toyota trys to recover from his massive car recall, the automaker extending the deadline through the month of april on the incentives. the company will offer discounts on leases on 8 models including the camry, corolla and rav 4 and toyota is offering 0 financing and maintenance program. it's helped lift sales more than 40% last month. >>> a consumer alert that will not make flyers happy. spirit airlines is going to start charging you for carry-on bags. you have to pay between 20 and $45 each way. the wall street journal reports that spirit will be the first airline in the world to charge for carry-on bags and you can take one bag that fits underneath your seat for free. it will reduce the amount of carry-on luggage, obviously, and help passengers exit the plane faster once it lands. >>> while you're at it, maybe you would like nicer luggage for your trip? aaa and goodwill are offering trade-in program. they taking donations of gently- used luggage. in exchange, you can get a couper for $5 or $20 off a piece of l
. tomorrow -- five weeks. tomorrow will see the key march employment numbers come out, and toyota sales are booming in japan, up 50% last month. ford sales in china and local partners there, they jumped about 84% in the first quarter. let's get to eric bolling from fbn. what's going on here? >> well, initial claims which is the weekly number, they dropped 6,000 so that means 6,000 fewer people than the last week applied for unemployment insurance. that's the good news. a little bit more good news, tomorrow it looks like most analysts and most economists expect jobs to be created for the month of march. that's only the second time a month had job creation and last time was a year ago march, 64,000 jobs were created, and we've seen just month after month of job losses. so tomorrow the expectation is anywhere between 175,000 jobs created and 200,000 jobs created. the other piece of good news. now a little bit of the bad news, a lot of that job creation tomorrow ising with attributed -- being attributed to two major factors. number one, the census. the census has hired hundreds and hundreds
be shooting the lights out. i mean, it's like look out, lights! plus, with toyota speeding up and falling over, i mean, what are they doing -- falling over and -- let's take that off the road. ford is practically starved for competition. memo to staff. i think we should put the company's ceo, alan mulally, the brilliant turnaround artist who also saved boeing, on the $100 bill. the new benjamin. the alan. now, even though ford sales are way up, in the end this is a balance sheet business. and when the ratings agencies see the quarter next tuesday, i think they're going to go all lady gaga and get on the telephone to raise their ratings. allowing ford to borrow more cheaply around the globe. hey, how about sallie mae? let's take that one while we're talking. we recommended that as 2009 speculative stock of the year like we did huntington banc this year. it was at $6.61 on june 5th. it's now at $13.12. that's a 9% gain. we always tell to you listen to the conference calls, and today's wells fargo conference call said the student loan market is red hot. i would have thought people would have put
traffic controllers were negligent. >>> in morning we have another car recall. involves 50,000 toyota see could i ya. it could prevent the suv from accelerating as quickly as the driver might expect. toyota will upgrade the software to fix the problem. no accidents or injuries are connected with this issue. >>> tiger woods tees off in the quail hollow championship in north carolina. it's the second tournament since the sex scandal and first time he'll play outside of the sheltered confines of the masters. still, he says he's happy to be playing golf again. >> when i had a lot of struggles internally for a while now, and that's one of the reasons why it wasn't that much fun. the game is now where it used to be. that's where it should be. it should be fun. >> tiger tees off at 7:40 this morning. he's committed to playing in the u.s. open in june. >>> 4:51. time for traffic and weather on the ones. >> what kind of day will we have? >> the thermometer will get whiplash. we'll hit the 70s this afternoon. a dramatic warm-up by mid to late morning. there's a live view from the city camera and th
. authorities say the victim and some friends had just left a restaurant when their car was rammed by a toyota camry. they say edwin escobar salmeron got out and banged on the car. authorities say that he fled the scene but was later arrested. the victim is hospitalized and expected to recover. dc police say alcohol may have been a factor in the death of a man who fell nine stories to his death in a northwest washington apartment building. that man fell down a shaft on the roof of the connecticut house apartments on saturday. the victim is believed to be in his 20s. he was with several friends on the roof when he fell. the man's name is being withheld until relatives can be notified. >>> the dc council is pushing to tighten regulations of pawnshops in the district. the preponderance "washington post" is reporting the legislation was approved last week and they plan to discuss a permanent measure. it is trying to stop a pawnshop from moving in to a vacant real estate office in northwest. >>> hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to dorothy height ♪ [ music ] the packed southeast washing
is wheeling and dealing. toyota is dishing out some sweet savings to get customers back into the showroom. how sweet, you say? how about knocking thousands of dollars off the sticker price? and the video is incredible. there was a shooting on a chicago corner. the cops showed up. a video journalist showed up, and minutes later another shooting. the whole thing caught on tape, and you will see it next. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptom
of his shots hit the robert. struggle ensued. then both suspects fled into a red toyota camry. -- one of his shots hit the robber. >> i have always been a fighter. i don't give up easy. >> he has already had two strokes and heart attack and these closing up shop for good. he says this is it. >> in downtown washington, terrifying moments caught on tape. a massive event broke off from an office building and spread to the ground and then landed on several parked cars in an alley behind connecticut avenue near n st.. a witness reported the incident with a video camera. no one was injured. >>> authorities do not appear to be in a hurry to prosecuted nearly 30 university of maryland students arrested during a post basketball game riot last month. prince george's county police have not released the names of those arrested. their lawyers said police knew their names -- gave their names to the university and other citations do not exist in the court system records. several police officers are under investigation for being a student during the riots. >> we have disappointing news from the nati
and will not be charged. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >>> an internal e-mail from a top toyota executive iraising new questions about the company's handling of those safety problems. in the e-mail obtained by the associated press the executive tells company officials, "we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet." he also stated "the time to hide this one is over," and "we need to come clean." toyota ended up recalling more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> they're picking up the pieces in parts of the south after severe weather tore through there. the storm hit particularly hard in anderson county, south carolina, where 15 homes were damaged and dozens of trees came do. at leastne tornado with winds of 125 miles an hour touched down in the area. about 3,000 homes lost power but there were no serious injuries. >>> here is a look at the friday forecast. the day will start off wet from north carolina to new york. that rain will linger through the afternoon in new england. it will also be rainy in southern florida and south texas. seattle could also see a few showers. >> much cooler
vehicle we make. at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪
, toyota, despite mno tiple pe to ced bct recall and reams of bad publicity, the auto maker lothat.ed sales gnighns of sev%. the big question, can car companies keep consumers coming in? >> it will be concermer eet it will be people getting back to work. job creation. eet weater economy. it's a new product as well. the ne to pe to ced bct excite plowple. vehicles have never been older than they are. people have to make a ickecision, at some poin. y do i rallonighr my vehicle or buy a new vehicle? >> regardless, this month nexu5ers may indicate a more confident consumer and that could be good news for the eet e pn ne to yoarl,to kerry fox news. >> chris: construction spending fell by 1.3% in he pebruary v thabis the lowest level since november of 2002. but the manxtacturering sector expanded in march at the strongest pace since july of 2004. stosince the dow gnighned 70.5. the s&p 500 finished ahead 8 2/3. nasdaq was up 4 2/din later in the t brow, correspondent ashvid lee miller looks at how one southern city is dealing with the recession. the rallowellican party may have some money woes,
know. it's the volkswagen polo, so who it beat or what it beat is the toyota prius, the mercedes e class and winner for world performance car, so that's probably performance car, it's the audi rv-10. that's probably if you were on a racetrack or really into feeling not necessarily the value. best green car, volkswagen's passat and the polo. i'll try to get more on exactly what they're looking for there. >>> you probably know if you go to a drive-through, you can get a big mac, a coffee, you can get a beer if you're so inclined. what about driving up to a walmart and getting a coffee pot or power tools. some big-name retailers are trying out drive-throughs because they tried it in things like the brew through in north carolina. let me tell you, that had robin giggling this morning. pictures like that. but now there are stores like sears and walmart that are testing out the idea. that's in this morning's "chicago tribune" and that's because they're trying to make it easy on you so if you want to pull up and order your vacuum, maybe you don't want to go in the store and look at all of
. there were hefty incentives toyota used to bring buyers back to show rooms following the embarrassing global recall. only chrysler is forecast to report a sales decline. those numbers trickling in throughout this afternoon. >>> and ceo pay actually fell last year. only the third time that's ppened since 1989. a new report shows pay for top executives at 200 major u.s. companies averaged $6.95 million. that combines salaries, bonuses, long-term incentives and stock options. many companies have slashed ceo bonuses to tie the pay more closely to performance. back to you, rbara. >> okay. thank you. have a great day. >> thank you. you, too. >>> in today's "wednesday's child," we meet a lovely teenager who has been through a lot in her life. she escaped death in a far-off country, made it to this country, and feels if her luck holds out she'll one day soon have a permanent, loving, adoptive family. >> she came to visit us at news 4 the other day. hi. >> hi. >> i'm barbara. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> you're interested in tv. is that right? >> yes. >> inside the control room, we got a close-u
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's been no official determination of what caused the fireball, it's pretty prominent. >>> toyota told dealers to stop selling one of its luxury suvs for a while. they'll stop making the gx 460s for at least two weeks. toyota is safety testing all suvs of that name, toyota wants to reassure everyone driving the top of the line gx460. the lexus is too dangerous to drive because it may roll over on certain turns. toyota has to sell ten corollas to make the profit of one of these big lexus models. >>> if you're looking for an apartment, right now is a great time to shop. why you have more bargaining power now. >> about one in three of us are renters. and i have special advice for you if you do rent instead of own a home. rent had been a real deal for the last couple years. and occupancies in apartments have been absolutely awful from the standpoint of being an apartment owner. new data that i saw shows that apartment rents are actually starting to rise in a number of markets, even though there are so many vacancies, why? because apartment owners are anticipating that things are getting be
about why, in fact, he made these comments. >> pete, thanks a lot. >>> toyota just announced yet another recall. this one for the 2003 sequoiya suv. owners will receive a software upgrade. it affects 50,000 vehicles. >>> any moment now the coast guard plans to set fire to the oil leaking into the gulf of mexico. the thickest oil will be kor raled to the water's surface and then ignited. an oil rig exploded last week. it's spreading a massive slick toward the coast. 11 workers presume ed dead. >>> breaking news that affects american gymnasts who competed in the 2000 olympics. the international olympic committee has stripped china of its bronze medal for those olympics for using underage female gymnasts. the u.s. team placed fourth then. now it gets the bronze medal. the ioc determined one of the china's gymnasts was only 14. and gymnasts have to turn 16 during the olympic year to be eligible. >>> in the next few minutes, president obama will begin touring an ethanol plant in missouri. it's day two of his main street tour, bringing his promise for economic recovery to the midwest. in ft. m
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that the american people don't know about what might have brought about the intense scrutiny of toyota that cost them at least zhrrs 16 million fine for their throttle and untold amount of publicity on their throttle and a number of other things. i have the american people come to me and ask me if that intense scrutiny of the regulators on toyota couldn't have something to do with the need of the federal government to see general motors and chrysler succeed perhaps more. i don't have any evidence that would suggest that, but the appearance of impropriety exists, mr. speaker. and the american people don't want to see 1/3 of their private sector activity nationalized and taken over by the federal government. but that's what's happened. 1/3 of the private sector activity swallowed up in those eight entities that i talked about. by the way, tail end, $787 billion in this thing called the economic stimulus plan, of which 6% of americans think actually worked. 94% believe that it didn't help and didn't do any good. now this is a pretty sick scenario. $787 billion in economic stimulus plan. eight huge
be easily addressed. this particular burden came to light recently in the context of the tragic toyota crashes. during hearings held by chairman rockefeller in the commerce committee, we learned that although toyotas were equipped with e.d.r.'s, until recently they were only able to be read by one computer in the entire united states. that's why in addition to requiring the recorders in all vehicles for sale in the united states, the vehicle safety improvements act will also require that recorders be easily read by a universal tool, regardless of make or model of the vehicle. in addition, nhtsa's rule also fails to address medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. my legislation would require nhtsa to issue a rule addressing those vehicles as well. while they comprise a small percentage of the vehicle miles traveled on an annual basis, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are overrepresented in crashes result ing in fatalities. in these crashes, an event data recorder would be a useful tool during the crash investigation in dirge the cause of the crash. -- in determining the cause of the crash. my b
and toyota -- well, they have their own problems now -- but they actually brought plants here to build in this country. sherrod brown was on an earlier today. he is trying to include incentives to make sure that we keep companies here, as well, punitive measures. other countries who do not take the steps that this country is taking to deal with the problem will not have the same import opportunities that they would otherwise have. in essence, making sure other countries clean up their act, or they cannot do business here. if done right, we can create jobs and keep jobs here. maajor unions in this country are for this legislation because they say that if it is done right, with these kinds of protections, they can create and keep those jobs here. another thing, mass transit. if we are going to build a mass- transit, that will be built and those jobs will stay in this country. we need to put some smart thinking into some of these other technologies so that we can keep more jobs here. host: buffalo, new york. gabe on the independent line. caller: i hear that china is supplying most of our
's lending operations. live coverage begins at on c- span3. more on toyota safety. consumer reports is issuing its eighth warning on toyota to's 2010 lexus south carolina vein because of an increased role of risk. the magazine said it found a problem. routine testing and is urging car shoppers not to buy that vehicle until the problem has been fixed. reports this morning that a navy plane has crashed. the florida-based aircraft just missed an house when it crashed in a wooded area about two-hours north of the lantern. at least three people have been killed and a search is underway for a fourth person believed to have been on board. an update on the coal mine explosion in west virginia. the bodies of all 29 have been recovered from the mine earlier this morning. now that the dangerous gases have been cleared, federal investigators will enter the mind and try to determine what caused the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. meanwhile virginia gov. bob macdonald restored $750,000 and funding for mine safety inspections -- bob mcdonnell. those are some of the latest headlines on
by greece could derail recovery efforts here in the united states. jon: "happening now", toyota troubles, the japanese carmaker is voluntarily recalling about 50,000 sequoia suvs from the 2003 mole year to fix a stability control problem. >>> middle box, nearly all of anne electronic's diary is on display for the first time inside the amsterdam home where she hid from the nazis for two years. >>> bottom box a rare spring snowstorm socking new england, some spots in northern vermont hit with more than a foot of snow. jane: time for a quick check of the markets as investors are worrying whether a growing financial crisis in greece could we see something similar in the united states and could it affect our markets. analysts say the problems are to blame. demonstrators have taken to athens after the nation's credit rating is downgraded to junk status. these problems may seem like a world away, but the problems they're facing there today could potentially be our problems in the not-too-distant future. greg palkot is live in london. what's the latest? >> reporter: as that drama continues to pl
are protesting -- ( music playing ) if toyota gets credit r ing the most nt car company in america, wello explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> welcome back. well, the tea party rallies are popping up all over the country today, and using the april 15th, tax deadline to drive home the message, they want a government spending less of the tax dollars. several hundred turned up to in washington, d.c., and they say that their message comes straight from the constitution. >> america is a grand experiment, and the only one of its kind in human history where the entire nation was created on the premise that the only legitimate reason for a government to exist is for the advancement and protection of individual human rights, not the rights of somebody who won't get off of the sofa to take care of themselves. they are going to lose. >> now, the rallies broke out all over the u.s. again, and according to the national tea party federation, which is a coalition of regional groups, and tea party activists are holding 1,700
. >>> automakers report march sales figures today. analysts predict big increases over last year, including toyota, due to deep discounts. >>> finally a huge piece of public art will soon go up at london's olympic park. it will be taller than new york's statue of liberty. >> the 400-foot tubular sculpture will be unusual and it's difficult to describe. more from the bbc's david sillito. >> reporter: there may be more than two years to go but the olympic stadium is certainly taking shape. but it was felt that something's missing here. it needs an artwork. they thought maybe a tower. they're going to get one. it's a tower with a twist. orbit. a dipping, swirling, spiral of steel. a landmark piece of art that you'll be able to climb and use as a vantage point to view the olympic park. it is a sort of tower. but in his studio the artist annish kapur explained to me, he didn't want another eiffel tower. >> traditionally a tower is pyramidal in structure. we've done quite the opposite. we have a -- a flowing, coiling form that changes as you walk around it. >> reporter: and it's going to be an imposing
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